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Favorite Audio

Acoustic Loop Pop Loop
Happy Hop Pop Song
Smoothie Funk Song
Aokigahara Classical Song
Hiraeia (Piano) Solo Instrument Song
Cult Of Whisperers Ambient Song
Halindir - Vanaheimr Cinematic Song
Illa Tidani (Burzum Cover) Classical Song
Han Som Reiste (Burzum Cover) Ambient Song
Vaniardur - Lost Wisdom Miscellaneous Song
Lost Wisdom Ambient Song
Revenant Cinematic Song
Halindir - Ambience Ambient Song
Despondent Realms Miscellaneous Song
Lost in Gaia Forest Miscellaneous Song
NecroForest Miscellaneous Loop
Midnight Ocean {Goth} Goth Song
Magical Dream {Goth} Goth Song
Die Liebe Nerpus (Cover) Video Game Loop
Vaniardur-Dagor Dagorath Heavy Metal Song
[DJSS] Templars (WIP) Classical Song
Treacherous Loki Classical Song
Joan D'Arc Classical Song
At the Mercy of the Wind Miscellaneous Song
A Good Day To Die Cinematic Song
What Happens Next? Cinematic Song
A Hero Rises Cinematic Song
Life or Death Cinematic Loop
A World of Blue (Studio) Jazz Song
Rain_aidole Experimental Song
Distillation - Dreams fro Heavy Metal Song
~SM64 - Road to Bowser~ Video Game Song
RD2011 Hear you Scream Miscellaneous Song
Stereo Fire! Grunge Song
Alice is Dead Indie Song
Milk{Deep Blue} Trance Song
Europa Miscellaneous Song
Rucklo - Chernykh (Full) Ambient Song
DOOM: Alien Vendetta - Map 22 Video Game Song
Doom: Sign Of Evil (Redux) Video Game Song
Forsaken Carnival Ambient Loop
Distraught Subconscience Industrial Song
Rock Intro test General Rock Song
Mashed By Machinery Industrial Loop
Helix - November Industrial Song
Trouble At the Factory Techno Song
Welcome to Kraid's Video Game Song
Rose At Nightfall Video Game Loop
AD - Extinction Hip Hop - Modern Song
Helix - Fear Industrial Song
Helix - No. 6 Industrial Song