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I want to compliment the timing in this movie. Silly face humour is harder than it looks, but you're making it work.

Charming. Good sound effects, and it had some cool camera work like the camera spinning a bit along with the chair. Humour was alright, but I feel the main draw is the nice and simple aesthetic.

PenguinPotential responds:

Thanks Dunso! Really appreciate the feedback. I'm working on my writing style currently, so hopefully the next animations will have tighter beats. I'm glad you liked the camera-work! <3

How nice. The motions got across how much force she put in. My favorite part is where the euphonium shakes, it looked very good.

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Nice and relaxing game, just clever enough to entertain for a while. The grimy overlays on what I assume are merged photos gives it a kind of strange effect that I like.

Pretty alright. You want to see how far you can go definitely, so it does get me pretty interested. It needs sound though, because without music to complement it, the visual aspect is pretty dreary. Also it was pretty unclear from the beginning that I had to click the window and move the mouse, so I think something about that should probably have been included with the other controls. Add more and make it more complete, the concept is good so it will definitely work.

Nice and simple. Very good for passing time. Introduced new things so it didn't get plain, and it always felt just simple enough that you wanted to keep playing because you thought you would surely make it next time, and just difficult enough that you didn't get it all at once.

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Nice! Paired with the description you wrote, it really paints a picture for me. I particularily like the tinny, wobbly sound of the melody that comes in around 1:30, and how it mixes with the more ambient bit behind it. I only wish it was longer.

What Tom said. Your stuff is very atmospheric, you're really on to something. Please keep uploading!

horizon-hugger responds:

Thx! I have a hard time finishing things but I'm working on it.

Very dramatic. Deserves a lot more attention.

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The water looks very nice, although I'm not sure it's behaving so natural at the bottom of the waterfall. There are a lot of little things to discorver if you look around the image, which makes it worth dwelling on for a bit.

konpeitaro responds:

Yeah I had a little bit of an issue with the water flow and now that I'm taking a better look at it, it does look oddly still compared to the waterfall! Thank you very much <3 it was real hell/fun adding the little details and really worth it in the end

Very, very nice vibe. I'd be interested in playing something with this style.

FleshSqueeze responds:

Pretty much every project I'm currenty planning or working on has a similar art style, so you should not have long to wait uwu

I love this entire series. It's intricate but also has an air of simplicity, because of the balanced compositions, which actually remind me a lot of Art Nouveau. This piece in particular definitely does as it contains many flowing and curved shapes. It's also reminiscent of Christian iconic art, which along with the dark futuristic aesthetic creates an air of mystery.

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